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Areas of Expertise


Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) -

Evidence based treatment that targets disorders characterized by overcontrol:

• chronic depression,

• chronic anxiety,

• autism spectrum disorders,

• anorexia and

• personality disorders like avoidant, paranoid, and obsessive compulsive).


RO-DBT focuses on targeting biotemperment


People with overcontrol challenges are “threat sensitive” meaning their bodies sense the negative rather than the positive first.  I appreciate that RO-DBT views the person holistically, working with this biology as part of the treatment.

This model defines psychological health as having three major features:

  • Receptivity and Openness to new experiences and feedback.

  • Flexible Control in order to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

  • Intimacy and social connectedness- with at least one other person. 


The human species depends on each other for survival.


People that engage in RO-DBT therapy focus growth in the following areas:

  • Genuine emotional expression

  • Increasing the ability to see the big picture, not getting lost in detail

  • Exploring and loosening of rules that may not serve you any longer

  • Increasing comfort with developing and maintaining close relationships

  • Letting go of unhelpful social comparisons, envy and bitterness

My Experience

I started my RO-DBT skills with intensive training in 2014-2015 with Thomas Lynch


I have been providing individual and group skills class since that time in a community behavioral health outpatient practice. 


I have regular consultation with other clinicians that have also been trained in RO-DBT.

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